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    Sick Student Policy

    Thank you so much for the replies. This is helping a lot as I'm getting a policy together to get staff on the same page at my school. It does seem to be best to take a "better safe than sorry" approach even if some parents and staff may have objections. And as for your concern for my anonymity, this is not my real name.
  2. AllieEmerson

    Sick Student Policy

    I am a new school nurse, and I'm trying to come up with policies for how we should handle children returning to school after being sent home due to illness. It's especially difficult during this pandemic to decide what is reasonable. I want to be cautious but not overly demanding to parents. I do think any child with respiratory symptoms and/or a fever who is sent home should be required to stay home. But I'm struggling with some other gray areas. We had a child vomit once yesterday, and we sent him home. He had no fever or other symptoms. Is it acceptable for him to return today or should we ask that he stay home for 24 hours? I'm just trying to get some ideas of how other schools are handling children with non-covid related symptoms and what kind of policies you are putting in place for sick children.