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    Feeling discouraged: Aspiring L&D nurse/CNM

    @SeaH20RN Thank you for the support and encouragement. It really goes a long way when you’re feeling some type of way about the future. ♥️ I emailed the manager at the hospital I work for a couple times introducing myself and expressing an interest in a CNA/unit clerk position but I couldn’t apply for the job when it opened due to the hours interfering with nursing school. So hopefully I can talk to her in person when I go there for clinicals this upcoming semester in hopes that she will remember me someday. @Graceisland And thank you again! I signed up for a doula course for next month and am very excited about it. :)
  2. gnisrun456

    Feeling discouraged: Aspiring L&D nurse/CNM

    @Graceisland I will look into those things. Thank you. 🙏🏼I thought about becoming a doula but figured now might not be a good time if I can’t commit to dropping everything for a birth during nursing school. Do you think even just being certified would look good?
  3. ***I really did try my best to keep this short in hopes of getting any feedback.😬🤞 I've been having A LOT of career anxiety lately. I know how dramatic it sounds but I would really appreciate some encouragement/advice. 🙏 I've dreamt of being an L&D nurse or midwife since I was a kid. I started slowly taking nursing prereqs back in 2011 as a junior in high school. A year after high school I joined the Air Force and worked as a medical technician for 4 years. I got to experience a little bit of everything in the hospital but never landed a job in L&D like I kept pushing for. Since separating from the military, I've worked as a CNA for about a year and a half on a med surg unit. And if I'm being completely honest, I'm miserable there. I keep a smile on my face, and I am known for being very caring and hardworking, but I'm not happy at all there. Luckily, I finally made it into nursing school and am starting to wrap up my first semester. But I keep hearing from nurses I know,"You'll need to work in med surg for at least a year or two before moving into a specialty." I know some nurses feel very strongly about this. On the other hand, I know that it's not always a requirement. All I know is I've now been going to college for nearly 10 years in pursuit of L&D and I'm starting to feel emotionally drained. I just want to do something I enjoy and dread the idea of doing more time in med surg. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ What can I do to increase my odds of getting into L&D after graduation? I've tried to get a job as a CNA/unit clerk there (no luck yet), I'll continue trying to network, shadow if I can, and volunteer in the NICU when they allow volunteers back. I would move/travel if I could but I don't think it's realistic. Also, I'm in CA where the job market is competitive. 😞 What other options are there as a new grad besides med surg if that doesn't work out right away? (I wouldn't even be opposed working in a clinic temporarily. I just have never liked the ER/ICU/Med Surg). **I have more I want to say about considering midwifery school but this is already so long.