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  1. I am about 3 months into my first nursing job out of school and have been offput by some stuff on my unit. For reference I am on an adult psych crisis stabilization. Can people either validate my concerns or tell me if I am being unreasonable. 1) There is no actual procedure in place to ensure that patients get a change of underwear and scrubs. We have been told by management not to offer new clothing to patients unless they directly ask or we see that somebody is visibly soiled. Most patients shower in the morning, but don't change clothing. Because patients don't think we have spare clothing often times I will see patients walk around with period leakage, feces stains, etc. and when asked why they didn't ask for some new clothing they report that they didn't know that was an option. I often worry that patients are sitting in their own mess for an extended period of time before a staff member notices and approaches them to offer new clothing. 2) We are only allowed to give patients one pad at a time. Management states this is for safety purposes, but leads menstrauting patients to hang around the nurses station all day asking for supplies. We also do not offer overnight pads which often leads to bloody sheets in the morning. 3)We are also told not to change sheets unless they are visibly soiled. Our average patient stay is only 6 days, but still this seems like a long time not to change sheets. Furthermore, we are told if they are wet to assume it is just spilled water unless it smells like urine and then change the sheets. 4)With instances of urinary incontinence patients are not allowed to shower. This often happens while patients are sleeping hence they are completely soaked from head to toe. To make matters worse we are required to stand and watch them strip naked, give us the wet clothing before we can give them the dry clothing. As if the patients aren't embarassed enough to begin with they must have a nurse watch them remove their wet clothing. Can people tell me if they also think this is problematic and/or I am just being unreasonable. What does your unit do differently? Thank you.
  2. Hello I work in a crisis psych unit and I have a question for other units about how urine and BM accidents are handled. If our patients experience daytime incontinence issues that are just urine or have an accident overnight they are not allowed to shower. We simply take them to the bathrooms, for safety reasons we must stand and watch them, have them us hand us their wet clothing and they are given a wipe, then they put on dry clothing. For BM accidents they are allOwed to shower but we must watch them. I’m not sure if I am just crazy for thinking this is weird as this is my first job out of school or if other psych wards do things differently. Patients are very embarassed by us having to stand and watch them change clothing as it does not give much dignity for them. it also doesn’t not seem sanitary for them not to shower after accidents? Especially hen this happens overnight they can be soaked. We also don’t provide them a different scrub top if it happens overnight even though they often get wet. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it to management if it is normal but it seems inhumane.
  3. Hi, just got my first job out of school working in a adult psych unit. Have already had a few patients very embarrassed by having nocturnal enuresis and not sure how to approach this in a way that makes them less embarassed. Most often young adults who have never had accidente before coming to me in the middle of night. Also facility policy is to just change sheets with no shower, but that seems strange. Any advice appreciated.