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Critical Care, Cardiac Step-down
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LadyStark has 5 years experience and specializes in Critical Care, Cardiac Step-down.

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  1. LadyStark

    New RN Already Making Mistakes

    Lots of great responses here! Nursing is a hard job. No one other than a fellow nurse understands just how hard. You're doing just fine. We all have made mistakes in practice and most are like yours, not causing harm to the patient. But you've learned from it and your asking the right questions. The dangerous nurses are the ones who don't learn or ask questions. Just keep moving along!
  2. LadyStark

    Nurse Educator Salary in Middle/East Tennessee

    I don't doubt it! I worked in memphis previously and took a pay cut to come to this side of TN. I was very surprised at the price. The work environment is so much better though, so I guess I can't complain too much. But like my post said, I can't do nightshift forever and I'm looking toward the future. Thanks!
  3. LadyStark

    Unhappy in a hateful work place

    You've gotten great advice in this thread, so my advice will be short and sweet. As someone who recently changed jobs due to an unhappy workplace (not for exactly the same reasons as you, granted) do it. I moved to a new job and don't regret it at all. Life is too short to be miserable at a place you spend 36+ hours a week.
  4. LadyStark

    Proning patients, face and neck positioning

    Same situation for me here, I worked in a COVID MICU from the beginning of the pandemic until the end of august. What we did was pull the patient all the way up the bed where their head was hanging off essentially. Then we would wedge a pillow under their chest/head. Yeah it was still awkward and their face was in the pillow, but much easier to get to the ETT and to do oral care.
  5. LadyStark

    Nurse Educator Salary in Middle/East Tennessee

    Thank you for letting me know that info! I took a look and comparing my salary now as an ICU nurse, getting my masters and working in academia would result in a pretty significant pay increase. I know thats unusual (from threads I've read on here) but I think Tennessee just pays their nurses much lower than other states. Thanks again!
  6. Hi everyone! Long time lurker, finally making a post. I had a question for any nurse educators (whether hospital or academic) located in Tennessee. I currently live and work as an ICU nurse in east TN. The pay here for a nurse is really pitiful. I'm only making 2 dollars more an hour now than when I started as a new grad, with 4 years of experience. The only thing that helps me at all is working nights, and that's barely. Safe to say I don't plan on working nights forever though. I have my BSN and am currently in WGU's MSN-education program. I'm planning on graduating by the end of next year or 2022 at the latest. A lot of posts I've read here have stated that a salary as a nurse educator is not the best, but I'm curious what the salaries are here specifically. I'm thinking about moving to the Nashville area after I graduate, so I'm very interested in that area. I'm still undecided whether to stay in the hospital or try a university/CC as I enjoy both. So any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks!