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    Two dismissed DUIs- 18 and 30 yrs ago

    Hello, I posted a question about this recently, but in the wrong section, so here I am. I am due to graduate from nursing school in 2021. I have read the Good Moral Character questions for my state- MA- and they ask,"Have you ever been CONVICTED of a misdemeanor or felony?" I have never been convicted- my charges on my CORI state "Non-conviction" and "dismissed". However, the next line- somehow I just discovered this- says "ALL DUI's must be disclosed". Uh-oh. I got arrested for a few driving related charges between 88-90, including a DUI in another state. Then I had no more arrests until another DUI in 2003. I have not been in trouble since. I completed rehabilitation ordered by the RMV both times. I do not drink or use recreational drugs- my lifestyle just isn't about that. I have read that an attorney said the FBI check for the BON only goes back 10 years and that I only need to disclose convictions, which would be great, but what if it's not true? I don't know what to believe and I have no desire to draw any unnecessary attention from the BON. I'm worried that they will see a "pattern" with 2 DUI's. Also, I've had CORIs for nursing school/jobs and a fingerprint FBI check done for my job- direct care and transportation of elderly dementia patients- and they never said a word. Any advice or experience would be very much appreciated!!
  2. DarkB4Dawn

    DUI in 1988 and 2003

    Hi Forever humble, thanks for your congratulations and advice. That's what I think I'll do. I don't want to be dishonest but I also don't want to reveal something that wouldn't have come up on the background check. If it was anything recent or an ongoing problem, I would be obligated to report. However, I don't feel incidents that happened 18 and 31 years ago reflect on my character now. My concern is that they will think it's a pattern. I'll post again once I contact an attorney.
  3. DarkB4Dawn

    DUI in 1988 and 2003

    Hi all, I hope I'm putting this in the right place. I am due to graduate from an nursing program in 2021. I have worked in healthcare for years, and had a fingerprinted background check for my current job. We transport residents as well as provide direct care. It probably sounds stupid but I never thought my past arrests would affect my ability to get a license because I passed all my background checks before and my arrests were so long ago. One DUI, 1988, was in a different state. The other was in my current state. I was a very reckless young adult and got arrested for minor in possession of alcohol and driving with a suspended license as well, all before 1990. I wasn't even 21 yet. Then I had kids and calmed down. The 2003 DUI was the only arrest from 1990 until now. None of my arrests resulted in convictions and my state only asks about convictions. However, on the Good Moral Character statement, it says one must reveal all motor vehicle offenses involving alcohol/drugs. I'm wondering if I should get a lawyer or what. Btw, I do not drink at all or use recreational drugs. It's apparently not worth it for me! Thanks for any advice or experiences with this.