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  1. A.A.I.

    I feel like I’m being targeted please help

    I was in the same situation and it was so wrong of them to write me up as a new nurse for something I hadn’t been taught there! This is an issue that I went through, and actually I’m in a bigger issue now on my second year of nursing and I’m so innocent to this treatment but it is very unfair... see my page posting about what’s going on now! Haha seems like a joke and if it’s not life sucks.
  2. A.A.I.

    MED ERROR went to corporate

    Feeling some hope but I know it could all be crushed. (: just taking it easy today
  3. A.A.I.

    Staff getting overly involved

    Doesn’t it feel like they are ruining ure reputation and using ure credibility! Take this to the board or principal and have a meeting because if it doesn’t get fixed u should get a new job. That’s pretty low what is happening to u because they’re using ure credibility as evidenced by the cc in the email. I don’t know why they are taking advantage of you maybe they are jealous and that is sad. Sorry your in this situation. I don’t think they got the hint that they’re hurting your feelings either that can be scary 💔. Well you will get your credit back very soon since u r not the one doing wrong.
  4. I feel like this one person wants me to lose my job and for some reason maybe jealous I consider myself a successful nurse. This happens because I shared a photo of my 2week pay total and posted pics of me in my new scrubs etc. so because of that I feel like this person has taken advantage of my character since they kept mocking me. 💔 and I was generous about sharing it with them since this is a community service I do this for the community as a professional American I went to college and this is fair for me, would this person prefer me to lose my nursing job at 23. I’m not a doctor or a God and I wasn’t posting these things to hurt anyone I actually was posting to share my delight and be delightful to others. This guy who is mocking and stalking me is bad. I deleted my social media and I know that the tables will turn because my intentions were OK and I didn’t deserve to be treated so worthlessly (by the guy mocking me). I think you can post what u want because it’s all about your private life and those whom u want in it. I’m sure it’s amazing to see someone doing well for themselves! ❤️
  5. A.A.I.

    ER nurse dealing with bullying...

    I think ure going into a separate room to get away from them and do your work unlike them who r socializing and maybe slacking. U did a great thing for ure patients and job as a nurse. It’s good to be alone rather than bad company LOL. Some nurses maybe jealous? But I have sympathy because they probably went through the same thing. Sorry they hurt your morale that was not nice and it will be hard for u to do a good job now. I hope you can recover.
  6. A.A.I.

    MED ERROR went to corporate

    Made a med error on my last day of orientation at my new job, in a town I recently moved to. The staff came against me and my case wasn’t resolved in house, instead they are reporting me to corporate and didn’t treat me like their team member. The medication was just given 1.5hrs early because I was just trying to help the CNAs and anyone else who needed help during my shift as a team player than being stuck up. I was so worried about helping the team succeed that I overlooked one medication not on the MAR when I gave it. Sometimes the staff come to me saying patient wants a pill and are demanding even though it’s my responsibility. I think it’s important to take people’s emotion into account when making decisions because everyone is in their own situation. It’s pretty pathetic that I actually did work the next shift and it went very smoothly. The error wasn’t found until the day after I had already worked one shift. I marked off the medication in the narcotic book and that’s where I was reported for administering it 1.5hrs early. I was still new to the facility and now I’m literally begging for a damn job after working so hard to get it. I’m sick of all this trouble when it was just an innocent mistake. Instead of my team and people being supportive and helping me learn I was talked to like I had some other intentions in mind. I was even accused of medication diversion. Honestly this could have been solved at the facility and I would have done an incident report when the patient wasn’t even harmed... now I’m being harmed and could lose my future. I’ll hear back from the risk manager Monday or Tuesday with “corporates decision”. Why couldn’t this be solved at the facility with an incident report like any other place! This is very extreme and it’s hard on me I’m young and I just moved to the area. This is mean. I understand what I did was wrong but now I’m going to be very hurt if I lose my job. This should be a learning experience and we should all work together. Now I’m being left out of the talks about me even though other people should take some accountability and responsibility for also working there. Man I always go above and beyond for people but lately I’ve been attacked professionally! As a licensed nurse I might lose my job due to one medicine error at the facility. Well if this is the case then any nurse who does the same should also lose their job. That isn’t nice though for people who work so hard. No one is perfect. It’s not professional to treat people without respect and not give them an excuse. I have a feeling this is the end for me and I don’t think it’s fair and I hope I get another chance, but I don’t think I will because I don’t feel like they took me seriously. Staff was unprofessional and mean ever since I started working as a nurse I have been attacked by CNAs saying we don’t do anything. Now after trying to impress them and working hard I have a med error. I don’t blame the CNAs but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. The supervisors should know better they are also treated badly, but no one sticking up for me and I’m actually a victim if I lose my job over this. I think the facility knows it should get more organized. Well I will continue to support my team and work to help the patients as best we can. I think that someone else in this situation would get different treatment. I am authoritative with the rules and it intimidates people, even the supervisors... I think they want me gone and it’s personal. I think that because this could have not went down public especially for me as a new nurse and could have been talked about more during a group meeting rather than me getting hurt over discussions about my practice. Well, I hope you have a good day and I am hoping for the best. 💕🌈