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    Taking NCLEX next but..

    Hello everyone, I just want to write something here just to vent out my feelings. Taking my test this coming Friday and this would be my 9th time taking it. I've been graduated 10 years ago. I passed my LVN 5 years ago and decided to continue to pursue my RN career. I'm living with my fiancee and with our two kids which is kinda challenging to schedule my review but I find way to study like 4am when everyone else is still sleeping. I did this for 5 weeks and try to be consistent but today out of nowhere my fiancée whine and ended up into an argument. I feel like she doesn't support me on my journey specially for this one. I told her that can we not argue today because I know this will distract my focus on studying. I just want some prayers for you guys because I know I can find some supportive people here since we are all in the same boat. Thank you! Wish me luck on my exam.