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    NCLEX & the PVT 2020

    Hello, I just have to get on here and create a thread about my experience with the NCLEX and the Pearson Vue Trick. I took my exam on 09/25. I studied pretty rigorously for about 4 weeks using mainly UWorld and a little bit of Kaplan. Although I did not know everything going into my exam (because how could you), I did feel really prepared for it. On exam day, I wasn't really nervous, just ready for all of this to be over with LOL. I went all the way to 130 questions and left feeling so-so about the exam. I was kind of nervous at the fact that I did not have a lot of SATA questions, I probably had between 10-12 out of 130. I did not have any dosage calculations, no drag-drop, about 15 medication questions, and the rest were kind of random if I am being honest. After my exam, I became increasingly anxious and decided I wanted to try the Pearson Vue trick, which prior to my exam I was against. I received my email about 40 minutes after I completed my exam and waited four hours from then to try. I received the bad pop-up (I probably did it wrong), but the immediate feeling of devastation filled my house as I cried and cried for hours. I couldn't even accurately describe this feeling to someone if I really wanted to. At 12:00 am Saturday night/Sunday morning, I logged onto my state's BON and to my surprise saw that I had actually passed!!! I am just here to say that no matter how anxious you may be, to save yourself the feeling of devastation, please just wait to see the official results. Looking back, I definitely regret trying the PVT and just wish that I had waited.