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  1. CobraFan89

    CNA vs Phlebotomy

    Thought I would give you all an update: I have finished the first module and am a few days away from starting the second one. Don’t have my final grades back yet but I’m told I passed everything, so I’m halfway there. Day 2 of class, we went completely online due to Covid. Someone decided to lie about being exposed to the virus, and then they tested positive. I did what I could to help my classmates as most of them were struggling with the online format. We resume in-person classes on the 11th. We are going online for the first week due to the holiday.
  2. CobraFan89

    Goodwin ABSN

    Hi everyone. I am currently a CNA student but my long term goal is to become an RN. I think Goodwin would be a good choice, but I’m not sure if I would be eligible for the ABSN. I have a previous bachelor’s degree but at the time I was not as studious as I am now. My GPA when I graduated was a 2.7. I’m willing to start with an ADN if I have to, but I’m aware that many hospitals want nurses to have a BSN. 16 months vs 32 months would make a difference. Any ideas to help me stand out? Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you.
  3. CobraFan89

    Goodwin Accelerate BSN Program (Points?)

    I have also heard about this option, but I was a slacker when I did my bachelor’s degree and I’m not sure if this is going to be an option for me.
  4. CobraFan89

    CNA vs Phlebotomy

    Thank you all for the advice, I appreciate it. I am happy to say that I found a CNA/PCT program and will be starting next week. Orientation is tomorrow.
  5. CobraFan89

    CNA vs Phlebotomy

    I am contemplating becoming an RN, but I want to get more experience before making that jump. I was thinking CNA or Phlebotomy, there are programs for both where I live that would enable me to enter the workforce in 4-5 months. Blood doesn’t bother me, but I know CNA would help me learn a lot of basics. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
  6. CobraFan89

    CNA vs Phlebotomy Cert vs LPN

    I am contemplating becoming an RN, but I do not have a job in the field at this time so I was contemplating getting certified as an LPN, CNA, or phlebotomist. The last 2 options listed are more attractive to me because I can get certified in a few months vs. LPN which will take 16 months. I was initially studying to become a vet tech but the program was not a good fit for me. However, I realized that I did enjoy what the health professions have to offer in terms of learning opportunities. I think I'm better off starting with one of those 3, however, so I can get more experience working with people and get out in the workforce. If I still want to be an RN, I can take the pre-reqs while I work. No biggie for me. Any advice you all can give me would be very helpful. Thank you. This is my first post, btw. Name is derived from the mustang cobra.