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    New grad experience

    Hello everyone! I graduated nursing school late July. I started my first nursing job in October as a COVID nurse at a nursing home. This job has been really hard on me. I test all 200 residents in one day by myself with no help and this is twice a week. That takes up my whole shift already but I still need to complete the 2 hours worth of paperwork after it. My shift is 7-3 Monday-Friday- but im usually out by almost 6 without a break. This job is a position for at least 2 people but I am the only covid nurse. This is a new position at their facility so they kind of dumped everything on me without any guidance. I don't have any help or anyone to lean on if I needed- and as a new grad especially I feel extremely alone. The management is not helpful and has actually talked about me multiple times. My husband is military and we just got orders to move and I accepted a new job at a mental health facility there starting February. Im thinking about giving my notice soon because I don't think I can handle this job anymore. It just sucks cause I loved nursing school, and this position has really given a bad taste in my mouth. Any advice? Is this normal to feel as a new grad?
  2. Hey! I just took my NCLEX PN today and it shut off at 60 questions. Right when I got the email about the completion of my exam, I went ahead and did the Pearson trick. The good pop up came up! I checked again an hour later cause anxiety LOL and now it says my results are on ‘hold’. Before leaving the testing center there was a glitch in the system so I was unable to properly sign out, etc. Are the chances high that I passed since I initially got the good pop up? Sooo stressed worrying about this!