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  1. Deyndrael

    Answering max number of questions on NCLEX

    My S/O is in the same boat failed once I think it didn't help she didn't sleep or eat and have coffee right before the test making her jittery and rush. She tends to over think or over analyze a lot and I know that's a good thing but at the same time she ends up doing that for the simple questions as well. My question is on the test should she take the questions at face value or analyze it and assume background information that isn't posed in the question? Any advice on how to make it so she'll not over think and second guess herself on the more simple questions? Thanks.
  2. Deyndrael

    S/O retaking test in 2 weeks

    Hello all I was wondering if you could give me any tips/links/useful info for my S/O she failed a little over a month ago and will be taking it again in actually 10 days from now. Any sort of things that can help her in this amount of time? Anything I can do or tell her so she can relax and have less stress this time around? My email is Nickapple377@gmail.com if you could contact me there with more information and possibly talk through the messenger there I'd hopefully be able to glean information easier as to help her. Thank you in advance all.
  3. Deyndrael

    Does the Pearson Vue trick work?

    Also unsure if you could help at all but I also made a post and people seem to be slow to respond so I figure I'll ask here. Any advice on how to approach the questions/test like how should you rationalize and answer the questions? Any advice would be awesome as I'm trying to help my s/o reproach the test so she can pass this next time around Thanks in advance.
  4. Deyndrael

    Does the Pearson Vue trick work?

    I feel like this is a big reason why people fail. They get no sleep/don't eat anything and are ridden with anxiety and throw everything they know out the window during the test.
  5. Deyndrael

    Does the Pearson Vue trick work?

    Post back here when you find out! It sounds like you did much better than the last couple of times so I wouldn't stress too much.
  6. Deyndrael

    Does the Pearson Vue trick work?

    Pretty sure I've seen time & time again that means you have passed, good work!
  7. Deyndrael

    S/O failed the NCLEX at 60 questions.

    Read title. A bit of background, they finished school about a year ago and only just got to take the test last week due to events/covid. Now for the past couple months she was studying hard (as far as I know) using UWorld and I'm sure other resources. She went in on Tuesday and didn't really sleep at all and she didn't really even get to eat so I'm sure that didn't help. Currently she is at an all time low and I'm unsure how to help? Does anyone have advice or resources I could share with her so she'll be uplifted and prepared better for the test next time around? Sorry in advanced if this is messy/I'm not supposed to be posting here I just want to help her out the best I can.