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  1. I also interviewed the 29th, still waiting for a response.
  2. Mine went super well! Glad to hear yours did as well. Have you heard anything yet? The FNP group got called back pretty quickly so I thought we’d hear back by now.
  3. Meena55

    Samuel Merritt SMU ELMSN FNP Spring 2021

    Curious how everyone is preparing for the interview? I'm super nervous and also don't know what to expect because we'll be doing them via zoom. Does anyone know if they'll be group or one on one interviews? And if there is still an essay portion? I saw on a forum from last years cohort that they had an essay section.
  4. Hi, I was invited for an interview for the Sacramento Campus ELMN- CM Spring 2021 cohort. I am super nervous and wanted to know if anyone had any idea what we could be expecting? I know the interview is virtual and have saw that in the past they were conducted in groups. My e-mail did not say anything about it being a group interview. Does anyone have any advice or know more about what I should expect? Anything will be appreciated.
  5. Meena55

    Samuel Merritt SMU ELMSN FNP Spring 2021

    They just said the interview will be a video call on webex.
  6. Meena55

    Samuel Merritt SMU ELMSN FNP Spring 2021

    I applied to the FNP and CM masters programs at smu & got an email for interviews for CM on last Tuesday. Interviews are the 29th and 30th. Still waiting back on FNP though.