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    Hi, I am a software developer tasked to update our home health care product (www.cradlemrx.com). It is older and somewhat complex so I am trying to redo large portions to make it easier. Right now I am working on the patient documentation and scheduling parts. In an effort to better understand the process I would like to get any input from real nurses like yourselves about the pain points you face daily when filling your assessments and notes on software. At my job I have been directed to speak with "business experts" who are not nurses and have never worked in home health or any medical profession for that matter. Here are some of the question I have been struggling with: 1) Is it realistic to actually fill out paperwork on software at the patients home? Do you use laptop's or tablets while you are talking to them and do you normally have internet access while you are there? 2) Whats the balance of work between you as a nurse and the office staff? Does the office staff assist you by making calls to patient and inputting notes or is that all left up to you? 3) More specifically on frequencies and plan of care. I am being told that an RN will decide the frequency when they fill out the OASIS. They will choose stuff like 1W9 or 3D10 which represents 1 time a week for 9 weeks and 3 times a day for 10 days. I have to convert this to visits on calendar. I proposed making the input form simpler by using dropdowns with spelled out words instead of D's and W's but was told no because this was industry standard. In my mind good software should make everything easier and I understand why on paper 1W9 is easier to write but would anyone prefer being more descriptive and using full words on software? 4) When you are creating frequencies is it possible to have a frequency where you visit the patient 2 times a week for 9 weeks and on each day of those days you see the patient more than once, say 2 times? So the total visits would be (2x9)x2 equaling 36 visits. If so how would you represent that using the shorthand, 2D1W9 possibly? I appreciate in advance any answers you can give to the questions above or any feed back on pain points you have with other software right now. I have been arguing with the "business experts" for a while and in an effort to not get fired I thought would try reaching out to real experts so that I have something solid to argue with. Thanks, Frank