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jakrob123 has 4 years experience and specializes in LPN.

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  1. jakrob123

    Medical Mission Trips

    Hi all, I've always wanted to do a medical mission trip. Now currently working in a school setting, I have the flexibility and have the free time to do them during Winter break, Spring break, and Summer breaks). Has anyone done a medical m...
  2. jakrob123

    Tips for IM injections?

    Thinking about volunteering at my village health department to give vaccinations for covid. I'm hesitant to join because I don't have much experience but I'm eager to learn and know I will be confident with appropriate tips and skills. Any tips...
  3. jakrob123

    Michigan Nursing License

    How long did it take to get your Michigan license through endorsement (or your name to pop up on the BON)? I applied about a week and a half ago and Fedex-ED my fingerprint documents to IDENTOGO in Tennessee. The guy working at Fedex said it should a...
  4. jakrob123

    LPNs and IEPs

    Hello all, I'm about 3 weeks into my new job of being a school nurse as an LPN (I'm working side by side with a Bachelors prepared RN). She had shared with me to be able to participate in being a Medical Reviewer with IEPs in the state of Illino...
  5. jakrob123

    LPN School Nurse Interview

    @T-ROD I'm loving it so far! I'm learning so many things and I'm glad I didn't start off in bedside. I'm happy that I went straight for it and honestly it all makes the difference! These teachers and staff are so appreciative and willing to go above ...
  6. jakrob123

    Illinois Licensing - LPN

    @JEMIK I have yet to submit my application for licensure. I can tell you though that a friend of mine who took the exam got his results, applied for his license to be released, and had his name pop up in the BON all within 3 weeks. I'll keep you upda...
  7. jakrob123

    LPN to BSN programs (online)

    Currently passed my NCLEX-PN about a month ago and deciding to save up for school. Any LPN to BSN programs out there that I should look into that would be approved for me to me to sit for NCLEX-RN and practice as an RN in Illinois? I know there...
  8. jakrob123

    Ordering Supplies

    Hi fellow nurses! Current new hire as a second school nurse at a high school but will be covering a middle school temporarily while they interview for a permanent one. While I was orientation, my preceptor told me I can order anything I want th...
  9. jakrob123

    LPN School Nurse Interview

    @ruby_jane and @NutmeggeRN thank you guys! The superintendent offered me the position! I will be getting back to him with my response tomorrow since they are having a board meeting tonight when the students will officially be returning (either the th...
  10. jakrob123

    LPN School Nurse Interview

    Thank you! I intend on picking up this as a full time job and working once a week, school breaks, and summers at a skilled facility near me! Thank you so much for the input! Sorry for the vagueness! I will be working closely with the certifi...
  11. jakrob123

    LPN School Nurse Interview

    Hi all, I'm a new grad LPN and have a video interview with the superintendent at one of the high schools. Any tips for the interview in terms of questions they might ask? If the salary question pops up, how do you negotiate a salary...
  12. jakrob123

    LPN role on a medical surgical unit?

    Hi guys! Recently passed my NCLEX-PN and applied for an LPN position on a medical surgical unit at a local hospital. It's a pretty big healthcare system and the area I live in (the Chicagoland area) its very rare for LPNs to work in the hospital...
  13. jakrob123

    Illinois Licensing - LPN

    Hi all, I took my NCLEX-PN on December 23 and found out I passed on the 25th! I've heard the Illinois is one of the states that take a while for you to actually get your license and start working. (side note: I know that I can expect a let...
  14. jakrob123

    NCLEX-PN Nerves!!

    I graduate next week (Ahhh!!)! For the past three or so weeks, my school incorporated the last three weeks for ATI Comprehensive exam review, which I will be taking next Friday 12/4 to finally graduate and get my ATT for NCLEX! So this is what I'm wo...
  15. jakrob123

    LPN School Nurse Position

    Hi all, I recently applied for an LPN school nurse position who will be assisting the school nurse in monitoring for s/s of covid in students. I'm going to be a new grad nurse/pending NCLEX in December 2020. With that being said...what salary r...
  16. Hi all, I'm a month shy from graduating (December 5, 2020) and hoping to take my NCLEX-PN not too long after (December 2020). I know in the hospital settings, I've had friends that were near the end of their ADN/BSN programs applying to hospitals bef...