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BeachBum247 has 5 years experience and specializes in PCU.

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    Help from Florida nurses!

    Long story short, my work ended up drug testing me and I had weed in my system. I was fired for it then I self reported to IPN. I had my evaluation and the Doctor is recommending inpatient treatment. I have tried and had all my friends/family that could/would try come up with the money for the program but have been unsuccessful. I want to do the program but just don't have the money nor credit. I am supporting my family and have several small children. So what happens now to my license? Are they going to take it away and I will never be able to work as a nurse? Are there any other nurses out there that can tell me what happened to your license if you weren't able to do the program? How long did it take to hear from the Fl health dept?