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  1. General questions for those who are in public health nursing: a. Tell me how you got started in this field. What was your education and what do you recommend a person going into this field to do as far as education goes? b. What are the daily duties of your job? What are the working conditions? c. What obligation does your work put on you outside the workweek? d. What salary range would a new person start at? What are the fringe benefits? What are other forms of compensation (e.g. bonuses, commissions, securities)? e. What experience, paid or volunteer, would you recommend? What suggestions do you have to help make my resume more effective? f. What are the toughest problems you deal with at work? How do you deal with or how have you dealt with conflict when working? g. What is one thing you wish somebody would've told you before going into this field? h. What do you love most about your job? Are you satisfied with your experience? I. Do you leave work feeling accomplished? Do the days feel repetitive or do you feel that you do something/learn something new each day?