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ADN_WV16 has 6 years experience and specializes in Psych.

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    Herzing PMHNP

    From my experience with Herzing, they will try and get you to take as few classes as possible to stretch out your program over multiple semesters. I completed my BSN through Herzing and was told it would be 4 semesters and take 16 months. I ended up taking 2 semesters and finished in 8 months. I had the time to devote to school so I finished quickly.
  2. ADN_WV16

    Herzing PMHNP

    Any chance someone could email me the powerpoints for patho??? My email is bpaxox@Hotmail.com
  3. ADN_WV16

    Herzing PMHNP

    No I don't have my schedule yet. My transcripts and license juat got verified and pending my background check will start September 8th. From working in psych the past 5 years, I thinking finding a preceptor won't be too difficult. My advisor also said I can precept with a Psych NP where I work as long as it isn't during my scheduled work hours. So that's a positive.