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  1. mbowman2020

    UCI New Grad RN Residency 2020

    Hi! I applied for neruo step down and med surg clin 1 positions. I applied for step down one other time in October of this year and it still says under review. Let me know if anyone hears anything! 🙂
  2. mbowman2020

    Loma Linda New Grad Cohort Jan 2021

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a page for the upcoming Loma Linda Adult New Grad Program for the upcoming cohort! I submitted my app when it opened on September 14 and it changed to "under review" on September 20. I know the site says they will conduct interviews and selections October 12-November 6, but has anyone been contacted yet? I applied for ED and cardiothoracic ICU! Good luck everyone 🙂