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  1. Hi all... this post may be kind of long.. I got into nursing school last Summer and was so excited. I was over the moon because I had put so much time into school and felt relieved because All my work was paying off.. fast forward to the start of Spring semester and I was optimistic and enjoyed the work. I never understood why people complained about the workload because for me it wasn’t an issue. After the first few classes we had our first big nursing school exam and it rattled a lot of student except for me.. I got one of the highest grades on the exam and felt pretty confident moving from check off to clinical. When we got to clinical and started applying hands on nursing skills I slowly started to realize I didn’t really love it like I thought. I started speaking to some of my friends about it and they said it was just a the first clinical and no one likes those. After our 3rd or 4th rotation one of the nurses I was working with pointed out that I seemed to enjoy more of the science, policy, and pharmacy things then actual nursing. I didn’t think much of it and continued on with my semester and continued working on my skills and creating bonds with my patients but the other nurses seemed annoyed with that because I as told it set an unrealistic expectation of how much time they would spend with the patients. This left me dumbfounded and annoyed. Wasn’t the whole point of nursing building bonds with the patients?! Then the program had put a sour taste in my mouth when we had to move to online and the professors pretty much gave up on us. I maintained my 4.0 through my first semester of nursing school and voiced my concerns with the professors and emailed the chair of the department with not even a reply back over the lack of guidance and effort of the professors. I wanted to discuss my concerns with my professors about how I was feeling in clinical and with their attitudes about patient care but no one seemed to care that I felt the way I did. They all told me I was a phenomenal student and I’d be a great nurse because I really grasped the material. Well fast forward again and I got a job as a PCT.. after my first few days of working and floating and following the nurses on night shift to see what they do on various floors while doing my duties as a PCT, I stared feeling like nursing just wasn’t for me. Listening to a majority of nurses complain about patients while just passing meds and reporting off to other nurses annoyed me. A patient needed to be moved to PCU for excessive post op bleeding and one of the techs made them wait because she had to finish her midterm. Nurses said they didn’t round because patients would become needy if they did. Multiple departments and a variety of negative experiences with nurses really has made me reconsider the profession all together. I spoke to a few nurses about the critical thinking about patients and diagnosing portion and they pretty much laughed at me and said nurses rarely do that unless they go to graduate school. I’m feeling confused because I’ve talked to multiple people and seem to still Get the same answers. Are the nurses near me just poor??! I work at a magnet hospital where nursing is suppose to be top tier... At this rate I just don’t feel like nursing is for me now and I’m scared since I spent so much time in it. Did anyone else go through this in nursing school? Did you quit and leave to another major?? Thank you for reading..