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    Help! Stuck in Remediation policy… cannot graduate!

    Thank you londonflo for the follow up. I have been busy studying among other things. I wrote a complain letter to the Texas Higher Education board. I also received some leads from local university, SMU law school that I need to follow. And I am still searching for a lawyer..
  2. I have passed all my Nursing classes at my community College on December 2019, but I was denied receiving my Nursing associate diploma because I did not pass my Exit HESI exam. The Exit HESI passing score was 850, my score was 784. At first, I was told I need to go through the Remediation program working with my teacher at school which I did from January 2020 until now; we met online every other week. Then, on May 2020 I was told school has new policy; remediation test passing score is now 90% straight and Exit HESI new passing score is 900 instead of 850. Also, I need to pass the remediation test before I be able to take the Exit HESI exam again. Per my remediation teacher suggestion, I had a meeting with the Dean of Nursing school last month. I was told they will bring my concern in their next faculty meeting for policy change consideration. Although this policy is not on school website. I believe remediation questions are even more difficult than Exit HESI questions. I have spent last 6 months doing remediation. I know there is no way I would be able to pass remediation test with 90% score. I was told I am eligible to take the Exit HESI exam three more times before December 2020, but school is not letting me to take my Exit HESI exams! All my classmates graduated 6 months ago, and I am still waiting. I owe $40,000 student loan that I need to start paying back. I need my school allow me to take my Exit HESI test as soon as possible. Can someone suggest what options I have? Thank you!