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labornurse123 specializes in L&D/LDRP.

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  1. labornurse123

    L&D/LDRP in San Diego

    @lpjohnso Many leads, but no luck landing an interview yet. However, I would absolutely love to know more about the position on your LDRP unit!! I can't seem to private message you. I created an email address so you can email me and I can give you my actual contact info. The email address is labornurse1234@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  2. labornurse123

    L&D/LDRP in San Diego

    Hey Madeline, I didn’t even know about these hospitals, so thank you! It looks like there are a few L&D positions at some of these facilities, so I will definitely apply. Great advice.I’ll let you know if something lands!
  3. labornurse123

    L&D/LDRP in San Diego

    Hi All! I am an LDRP nurse currently practicing on the east coast, but am planning to move to San Diego in mid-August of this year (2020). I have almost two years of nursing experience and about 9 months of LDRP experience. I have been incessantly applying to L&D and LDRP jobs out in San Diego for the last two months and have not heard a thing back. I finally called HR at one of the main hospitals out there today and was told that, not only are these positions highly coveted, but they sometimes receive 100 applicants for one open position. She also said that they have had people apply for years before they get a job in this field. This has made me very discouraged and I am hoping that some of you might be able to give me personal insight regarding the Labor & Delivery job market out in San Diego and my actual chances of landing a job before the end of the Summer. I don't know anyone out there, so having a "connection" is not on the table for me, at the moment. Any tips for me as I continue to apply would be appreciated, as well. Thank you in advance!

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