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    Took NCLEX Friday June 19 and didn’t pass

    Saunders is hefty material, but is good for learning content. But the thing with NCLEX is that you need to be able to think critically even if you don't know the content of the question. (ABCs, prioritization, basic safety, etc).
  2. jo_shields

    Passed NCLEX-RN at 60 questions

    Study: My nursing program provided us with Kaplan. While this was a great resource for practicing NCLEX style questions, the rationales are vague and provide you with the bare minimum. I will admit, though, that the Kaplan CAT exams are the most similar to simulating the actual NCLEX. They come with 3 exams and mimic the NCLEX. It will shut off at 75-265 questions based on your performance. I took all 3 and they all shut off at 75 questions (green overall, yellow in all the subsections). I personally thought the Kaplan Qbank questions and the CAT exams were more difficult than the NCLEX. I also used UWorld and cannot recommend this resource enough. I initially started by doing 60 questions in timed mode and then transitioned to making tests based on categories. This helped in making my studying more organized. I highly recommend you read all the rationales - even the questions you got right, because they will provide you with information on why the incorrect answers were not right, that you may have not known. UWorld is very similar to NCLEX and I learned so much content that was on my NCLEX. I had 1 self assessment test and I ended up at the 94th percentile with a high chance of passing. I also listened to Mark Klimek. He does a great job of narrowing information that you need to know and stuff that are fillers. I strongly recommend you listen to the prioritization & delegation one. I had a lot of questions on prioritization on my NCLEX. NCLEX: I moved my test date 3 times because I was getting so burnt out. If you feel this way, I highly recommend it. I honestly don't think extending 1 week more of studying is going to benefit you in the long run. My stress level was through the roof because so many people were saying how vague NCLEX questions were worded. Personally, I did not think so. I just think people become comfortable with how specific UWorld asks their questions. I thought the questions were very straightforward and fair. Out of the 60 questions, I got ~25 SATA, 1 math, 3 drag & drop, and a couple of exhibits. No weird meds or diseases that I have never heard of. I believe I was only confident in 5-7 answers out of all the questions. Honestly, I did not think NCLEX was as difficult as I had imagined it to be, but it was difficult. I firmly believe if you put the time and effort into studying, you will be fine. While you do have to know your content, the questions are mostly application based. Also, no matter how much you study, you will never feel prepared. I also did not do the PearsonVue trick because of the small percentage of people it doesn't work for. Save yourself the anxiety.