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  1. Hi, I've been an RN since 2012 and have only worked in an outpatient clinic for 6 years. I don't have any acute care experience. I know it's a unique situation and I wish I had done more with my career back then. Anyway, I wasn't happy at that job and I finally left last year. I thought I wanted to pursue an NP role but that fell through. Now I'm struggling getting back into the work field. A lot of positions want acute care experience. I'm looking into outpatient surgery centers, urgent care, but I also want to get experience in acute care. I was looking into Residency programs but those are for new grads which technically I am not, or Transition into Practice programs but I haven't found any. I don't know if the pandemic is affecting this. Just trying to figure out the best direction I should go. Any advice or insight anyone can give, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  2. I've been working in ambulatory care for a long time and am interested in transitioning to the OR. Of course hospitals need you to have some kind of experience. Are there residency programs for RNs already working in the field who just want training in a new department? Are residency programs only for new grads? Thank you for your insight!