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  1. Pdzzl

    LAVC Fall 2020

    Did anyone hear anything?
  2. I finally decided to send my TEAS and my transcripts through the mail, hopefully, they will get there in time. Does anyone know what other options for HS transcripts there are? I just got my AA this month and I don't think it will show up on my transcripts. I'm planning on calling this week but anyone else go through this?
  3. Pdzzl

    LAVC Fall 2020

    I hope so! The zoom information meeting was so disheartening when they just kept saying 1-2 months.
  4. Pdzzl

    LAVC Fall 2020

    I attended the zoom call they had today and they were saying 1-2 months till they get the chancellors cut score formulated. THEN they will send TEAS invites to those who make the cut and they may be required to take the TEAS within a few days. The nursing director also said theory will be 100% online and they will not be able to make accommodations for clinical days and hours as they are not allowing students for clinical sites. Students are completing clinical hours by volunteering at COVID testing sites and sometimes it's very short notice and mandatory to graduate. She basically said this is the new norm and if you aren't okay with this you should rethink.
  5. The application period for Los Angeles County Nursing Allied Health Spring 2021 is now open from Jun 15th - Jul 15th! I applied today but I am waiting to send in my TEAS and Transcripts until I hear from 3 more schools for fall2020. Who else is applying for Spring 2021?
  6. Pdzzl

    LA Pierce College Fall 2020

    According to the last few threads on previous terms... they did not.
  7. Pdzzl

    COC Fall 2020

    CONGRATS to those who got in! unfortunately, I didn't get accepted. those who did, do you mind sharing how many points you had?
  8. Pdzzl

    LA Pierce College Fall 2020

    Haven't heard from them either, looking at previous years they send them out in batches. fingers crossed! Good luck everyone

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