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    ASU Post Bacc - 2021

    ASU has a handy course equivalency tool. You can use it to look up any courses that you wish to transfer. https://webapp4.asu.edu/transfercreditguide/app/searchcourses As for the TEAS, there are plenty of study guides online, as well as helpful Youtube videos. Focus on reading comprehension, basic math, and a general review of Anatomy and Physiology. I recommend investing in one of the many study books, available on Amazon.
  2. TimothyGnarlson

    BSN vs. MSN-Weighing my options.

    Hello! Looking for advice. I've been working towards a nursing degree for some time now. I'm nearing the end of my pre-reqs, and I'll be taking the TEAS very soon. My goal has been to enter an accelerated BSN program, and begin working as an emergency or ICU nurse, before progressing into Travel Nursing. Lately, I've been curious about some direct entry MSN programs. Many of these programs promise to not only teach the skills of a bedside nurse, but also include leadership and education based curriculum. This option seems more appealing, as it would appear that an MSN might qualify me for more opportunities, and higher pay. However, I'm concerned about whether or not an MSN might overqualify me for many bedside nursing roles, in the eyes of employers. My question: Is an MSN ideal for my desired career path of ED/ICU--> Travel nursing? I have an eye for taking my nursing skills abroad, working for a nonprofit like Doctors Without Borders (or similar). Or should I save the time, effort, and money, and stick with a BSN? If you are currently enrolled in an accelerated BSN program, MSN program, or if you've completed either of these degrees, and are now a working nurse, I would really appreciate your input. As application deadlines draw ever closer, I feel that I need to get some input from others before making a decision. Thanks in advance!