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  1. djpa2

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2021

    Honestly, can’t really say. I was denied last Spring from San Mateo, was waitlisted this time around for Oakland, and got in on pure chance I guess! The only difference between the two applications is that I took the TEAS. After applying for these last two app cycles I’ve just figured it’s a hit or miss haha. People with exemplary grades and lots of experience are getting denied and others with slightly lower grades and no medical experience, but lots of experience in another field, are getting accepted. So I’m sure they really take into account your LORs and personal statements at both campuses. These were my stats this app. 3.8 GPA for both last 60 units and sciences 91% overall on the TEAS with math and science over 96% 3+ years as a MA for a private family practice Assistant coordinator for a medical charity and managed 2 medical missions to the Philippines Internship with UCSF and their Breast Health Network Current Stanford employee working in dermatology surgery My LORs came from a nurse, a teacher/head advisor from my undergrad, and a doctor. Like I said. I think it’s just a hit or miss. I was knocking myself down for awhile because I’ve been working so hard to get into this school but it’s just so random that I’ve just realized I can’t take it to heart. This was a lot but hope this helped some people!
  2. djpa2

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2021

    Just got a waitlist email for Oakland. Ahhh. Excited but not? Have mixed feelings about it...feeling discouraged honestly. Hoping the waitlist moves!
  3. djpa2

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2021

    Can anyone confirm that they received this email and has Oakland as their first choice?
  4. djpa2

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2021

    The same counselor actually told me San Mateo is more competitive?! Simply because of location! We all just hear different things for SMU and it’s so odd to me LOL.
  5. djpa2

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2021

    Hey! So I asked an admissions counselor of the Oakland campus whether they actually take our choices into consideration and she pretty much told me that if I put Oakland as my first choice then my app is sent to Oakland admissions. if I’m rejected from Oakland I’m added to a list that they then hand over to San Mateo admissions... And I’m just taking a wild guess that we don’t have much chance at our second/third choice due to the obvious of San Mateo first looking at all apps that put their location as their first choice. This is just what I’ve been told and I’m not sure how true this is since I now believe SMU is just all over the place when choosing students and that others have heard otherwise. Hope this made sense!
  6. Hey all! Smu just sent an email stating deadline for next application is still December 1st but we have up to December 16th to take the TEAS/HESI and December 18th to send in our score! We just need to upload a copy of our test registration in the document section of the application under test score report. Somewhat good news on Friday the 13th! Have a good day all!
  7. djpa2

    Hello Lia!

    Congratulations on getting into SMU!! I'm sure you'll do amazing! I was wondering if I could e-mail you a couple of questions?

    Thank you!

    1. Lia


      @djpa2 thank you!  Sure here is my email lmakhlaeva@gmail.com 

  8. My stats are a 3.7 overall GPA, 3.8 science GPA, finished all pre-reqs before application, 3+ years as an MA, 2.5 years volunteering for a medical charity foundation and have been their coordinator for multiple medical missions, and interned with UCSF last year. Had a CRNA, RN, MD, and previous teacher write my LORs. Didn't even get waitlisted... I have talked to Anne and she has no idea as to why I was rejected, she said my grades, experience, etc are very solid. Re-applying to Oakland since its her campus anyway! Hope to experience this anxiety rollercoaster again with some of you! Congrats to everyone who got in and/or waitlisted! You all will become outstanding nurses!! Rooting for you!
  9. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone was able to get ahold of SMU today regarding waitlist notifications, or any information really. I was planning on calling soon but wanted to see if anyone else has tried yet. Thanks!
  10. Oh man, so they definitely sent out Sac acceptances! Gosh, I also live in East Bay but put San Mateo as my first choice... I’m use to the bridge commute since I did my undergrad at SFSU. But Congratulations! Now the real journey starts! So excited for you!!
  11. No I’m sure its right! Congratulations!! What campus?!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS! My heart is skipping beats now that someone has gotten accepted. I’m so nervous! Which campus?? I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight haha!
  13. I understand where you’re coming from but I think we should refrain from negative tone! SMU is an amazing school and their counselors/coordinators are more than happy to help us in any way. I personally haven’t emailed them but my point of contact assured me I can reach out to her with any questions/concerns because she understands the rush of emotions we’re experiencing! It’s not entitling to be anxious, especially if you’re being respectful. It’s a bit condescending to say we aren’t being sensitive of those affected by covid. We’re applying to become nurses for a reason. I have a friend who applied and is directly affected by covid and heavily relies on this decision. She needs to know if she needs to move back home (across the country), find a job, and financially and emotionally support her family, or, stay here if she gets accepted. Like I said, I definitely understand where you’re coming from, but I think you need to see where others are coming from as well. Way more than just impatient folks bombarding them just for the heck of it!
  14. The Sacramento campus is proceeding with the November cohort, however the November cohort for San Mateo was cancelled and all applications sent in for that deadline were automatically added into the 7/1 deadline. Hope this clears up some things! I haven't received my prelim review email yet and the suspense is killing me!
  15. Hello! I was told three months after the deadline, but while going through other forums from past cohorts it was a bit longer than that. Good luck!
  16. Hey myjalice,

    I know the SMU deadline is coming up and I'm open to talking outside of allnurses since I can't send you private messages on here!

    Feel free to add me on instagram! @dionnajane

    1. myjalice


      Hello djpa2, 

      Sure. I would like to talk outside of here too. I just added you on instagram. My name is Alice Ma.