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  1. ad2020

    Does prestige of program matter?

    Can I ask what school's might have bad reputations? I feel like it's been easy to find schools that have strong programs, but harder to find ones to avoid.
  2. I just graduated college but I am looking to get a second degree in nursing. I would like to apply to an ABSN program, work for a few years and then go back to NP school. I guess I'm wondering if there is a huge difference in the education and opportunities offered at the big-name schools such as Emory or Duke or if it's all just branding and cost. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated!
  3. ad2020

    Future ABSN/NP Advice

    I was hoping someone could give me some advice since I am newly graduated from college and have decided I want to pursue a career in nursing. I graduated with degrees in psychology and public health and had always planned on being a psychologist. This year, I decided this path was not the path for me, and instead would like to work towards becoming a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. I will be taking some time off to complete me pre-reqs at community college and then hope to get my ABSN. I really don't have a sense of the competitiveness regarding these programs and while I would love to attend a top program such as Duke or Penn I know they can be competitive. I plan to work extremely hard to do well in my pre-reqs, but I did graduate with a 3.48 GPA which I know is only average. In addition, I have a good amount of clinical and research experience, but a lot of it is in psychology not specifically healthcare. If anyone has any advice on what kinds of programs I should aim for or ways I can boost my potential for acceptance into a program I would really appreciate it!

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