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    Nurse with mental issues?

    Hello, I’m new to this forum and just needing other nurses to talk to who may understand. I’m 30 years old and a single Mom. ( well I take care of my nephew had him since he was one he’s now 13) I have no kids of my own. I'm an LVN working on prereqs to obtain my RN. I was in the RN program but had to stop due to no help with my son. I've only been a nurse for two years and can’t find anything I like. Which is sort of depressing. I've worked a year at a drug center and a LTC at the same time. Then 5 months at a drs office. Now I’m doing homecare and hate it. I’ve suffered from depression since a teenager due to dysfunctional family dynamics. I usually get to the point where I’m frustrated with jobs and quit. I can’t handle stress, I take work home with me and things people say get to me. Other nurses not wanting to help and it just becomes overwhelming. I have terrible anxiety and suffer with depression daily. Along with that, I don’t have a passion for nursing. I hate bedside nursing and hate the responsibility. Sometimes I cry because I feel stuck and I feel as if I’m taking care of everyone except me. I’ve seen psychiatrist and therapists and I hid it so much that they tell me I’m fine. But I know how I feel. Is it any nurses here that have anxiety or depression? How do you deal? I feel like I need a month off to take care of myself. thanks

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