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  1. Jorge Salazar

    Nursing School in California

    @megmeg You should know then SD is so competitive for nursing schools. If you are able to get accepted at a LVN program, would make much easier your admission for a RN program. Southwestern college has a LVN program. They give a lot of points for being LVN and CNA when you try to apply to the ADN at SWC. I know this program for sure allows you to retake only once a science course. If you decide to retake one, try to aim for an A. I used to attend SD city college. I took the three science courses there and for some reason they there were so much harder compared to SWC. I repeated anatomy and micro at SWC and got As on both. But that’s me, everyone is different. Another thing you can do, is to retake all of them, make sure you get better grades, and try applying to National University. I went to their orientation last year. At that time, they mentioned they didn’t care how many times you have taken the TEAS or your classes. NU is not really that expensive for being private school. The whole program is like 40k if you have all your pre-requisites. It should be even cheaper if you are a LVN and try to do LVN-BSN. I was denied at NU with a 3.5 GPA on science and 81% on TEAS. I feel I screwed up on my interview. Just don’t give up! Keep looking for more programs. Best of luck!
  2. Jorge Salazar

    Nursing School in California

    You could retake you science courses in a different CC to obtain a better grade and get more points. But one thing to consider is some nursing schools will deduct points for retaking your science classes. However, from the research I have done, each school has a different criteria. For example: grossmont college only allows you retake your science course once. If more than one time the course has been repeated, they don’t allow you to apply. Other schools will let you retake only 2 times a science class. Or even other schools will let you retake up to 3 science courses, but they will subtract points depending on how many times you have repeated the class. I would recommend checking the nursing handout at your school. If your CC allows you to repeat classes with no problem, you can definitely retake them at a different CC for a higher grade. Usually private nursing schools don’t care how many times you have retaken your classes or TEAS. I advise doing some research maybe around your area. As well as reading your grading policy for your school, it may be different from the ones I know.
  3. Jorge Salazar

    Nursing School in California

    Hi Britt, Congratulations for your accomplishment! Getting accepted into a Nursing program at a CSU is not easy as you mentioned. Definitely, my best try would be community colleges. I just feel even with my stats is going to still be complicated, but should be easier than a CSU. I found posts created here about programs at schools I’m interested in. I like this forum because everyone shares GPA’s and TEAS score. That gives me an idea of what to expect for each college. I will try to apply to as many as I can. If I have no luck, I will consider out of state. I have read that is not really complicated to transfer a nurse license from a state to another. I guess once someone becomes ADN, everything is so much easier.
  4. Jorge Salazar

    Biology Degree then Nursing

    I have been doing research for nursing schools in California. As far as I know, there are even some schools offering a BSN program exclusively for students who hold already a bachelor degree. I bet there are tons of pre-nursing students without a bachelor degree. You should maybe look into these options, also consider community colleges, they give extra points for admission if you have a degree. A biology degree could help you to have an understanding of maybe A&P, Microbiology as they are part of biology.
  5. Jorge Salazar

    Nursing School in California

    I'm a pre-nursing student from San Diego, CA. I am writing this post because I would like nursing school suggestions preferably around California and public. Currently, my academic process is taking the last class to obtain my CSU certification. I speak fluent Spanish (will get certification for being a native speaker.) I currently posses a GPA of 3.3 on my science courses, which are anatomy, physiology, and Microbiology. I have around 3.6 if we count intro to organic Chemistry, psychology (general and lifespan one), statistics. Life happened and I was a bit careless during my pre-nursing classes. This led me to obtain a F and W in Anatomy and Microbiology. I recently retook these courses and obtained an A on both (kept the C on physiology.) I was denied at National University for nursing school with result of 80.7% on my TEAS exam. While I work as a Clinical Medical Assistant, I have been looking into possible alternatives around California (even some out state). My tries at the moment will be Cal State East Bay, Southwestern College, Riverside City College, Pasadena City College, CSU Bakersfield, among a few others (still doing research.) I chose these ones because they seem to accommodate with my student stats. In addition, I am sending a form to reactivate my CNA, which expired because I never worked. I am expecting to just retake the test to be re-certified. I will probably obtain a total 1000 hours of healthcare experience as a CCMA by late October. As well, I will try to apply to Azusa Pacific University but this will be my last resource. Riverside looks promising, but I am not sure until I apply. The situation with the COVID-19 is affecting pre-nursing students and non-nursing students trying to apply any place! As well, It feels like every year is tougher to get into nursing school, as I see some very outdated posts and school requirements. I will appreciate if anyone from California that is trying to applied, was accepted, or knows someone who got in nursing school, shares the experiences. Thank you! Best, Jorge S.- CCMA

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