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  1. Anotherdegree4me

    Full time jobs hard to find ?

    I don’t think I’m romanticizing at all. just that’s all the experience I have had with health care and I was good at it. I don’t know what working on med surg is like but don’t think it will throw me. I’m a pretty strong person and don’t get squeamish. in know to expect a lot of unpleasant things. maybe during rotations in nursing school I’ll find my niche. I just know I want to make a difference and do something meaningful. sitting behind a desk and being a servant ain’t cutting it for me. I make decent money but that’s not what it’s about anymore.
  2. Anotherdegree4me

    Full time jobs hard to find ?

    Not sure yet. I think oncology. I cared for a friend for many years with her battle and I know I have the experience to help there. I have a friend who is hospice nurse and she said older nurses are a plus there because the young ones don’t have the life experience or maturity to deal with that.
  3. Anotherdegree4me

    Full time jobs hard to find ?

    No. I’m an admin. No health care experience other than taking care of a friend during her cancer battle.
  4. Anotherdegree4me

    Full time jobs hard to find ?

    I am applying to an accelerated program. I’m in my 50s. will I have a hard time finding a full time position with benefits? I hear hospitals are cutting back and a lot of nurses are per diem.
  5. Anotherdegree4me

    Full time hiring or mostly per diem?

    Hi all, finishing prereqs and will apply to accelerated program soon. Are hospitals hiring full time nurses or are they cutting back and doing per diem only? I'm in my 50s and will be giving up a decent paying admin job to go the nursing route. hubby and I would like to relocate. I’m thinking a nursing job would be easier to find than finding an admin job, plus I wanted to do nursing. Applied years ago but got discouraged. I know here in NY hospitals are trying to cut back and I think COVID isn’t helping the situation.

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