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    Failed nursing school(technically)

    Hi everyone, I have been reading posts and things about students failing nursing school. Very few I have noticed win appeals or have a leg to stand on when they don’t take accountability for their own failures as well. I failed my clinical portion of OB/Peds but passed theory. At the same time we took med/surg. 16 weeks and two courses so 8 weeks a piece. Now for clinicals you have to get a 2.0 to pass. Most of the areas they grade you in the highest you can receive is a 2. There are five areas you can receive a 3. It’s approximately 35 areas you are graded on all but 5 have the possibility of getting a 2. I failed with a 1.96. I had a zero one day for the “appearance” portion. My stethoscope broke in clinical. Yep! And yes the instructor knew when it broke and the other students knew as well because people saw me pull it out of the case and the diaphragm just flopped off. So I borrowed another students and we agreed to share, as I wasn’t going to take the staffs because they might’ve needed it. The instructor never told me it was an issue and no feedback was given on what I was suppose to do. We were suppose to be graded on 8 weeks but only were graded on 7. Why? I still do not know. I’ve asked and the only answer I received was “that’s the way your clinicals fell into certain dates” which still doesn’t make sense to me. (Side note:I have adhd so I’m sorry if this is all over the place. I tend to babble and don’t put things in good order.) After the grades were “finalized” as my teacher told me they would stand, they went in and changed it from a 1.96 to a 1.95. They were aware I had filed an appeal. I emailed the instructor and asked why my grade had changed. She stated the other teacher forgot to add something in. She told me the approximate place and it wasn’t changed. I showed her this as I screenshot everything prior to use for my appeal. The next day my grade changed again to a 1.96 without explanation. As of now the president has issued a recommendation to let me continue to my lpn portion along with the 6 other students that failed this semester. All the same all failed ob but they failed theory by 0.68 at lowest to 1 percent. We all have filed appeals. Our program started with 27 and technically are down to 6. The other students submitted their appeals and I can’t speak for them but my appeal I showed emails of asking for help and to my response...nothing. We had no tutoring available, no advisor meetings when requested as well. I will say that I created a plan of action for my appeal. To show what I did wrong and what I will approve on. It’s not just the teachers faults I get it but when covid hit I feel like it definitely prevented me from being the best student I could be. My school allows two attempts however this is my second attempt. My first attempt I didn’t fail I withdrew because of income. Which I should’ve realized that I was going to be in debt with no financial aid. So this year I did get financial aid. I passed fundamentals with a B. In my ob/peds I got level 3s on my proctors. I also showed that to the board hoping it will help me a little. I had to withdraw because I was also going to court for custody of my daughters; which is now resolved I’m not really sure what to do as I haven’t heard back because it takes 10 days and it’s only been 5. I am pretty sure they will deny me. I’ve had hardships which I explained in the appeal which by the way was 47 pages long. ADHD, my mother has schizophrenia and would bang on my door at 3 am but I didn’t put that, I don’t need everyone knowing my business that deeply, my step dad had 3 heart attacks, was diagnosed with kidney failure, my actual dad which is my grandpa I pay his bills which I had documentation for, plus two kids at home helping them with online, I work 2 jobs(I’m dumb) to cover my meds, my dads bills, my moms meds, and here and there expenses. I’m just wondering, what my chances are of winning my appeal, or what other options I have. I’m done with pharmacology, fundamentals, med surg, and failed ob/peds clinical but passed theory(still a fail) and am now in the lpn(for now)
  2. JoC12345

    Short & Long Term Goals

    Patient explains cause of diarrhea and rationale for treatment. Patient consumes at least 1500-2000 mL of clear liquids within 24 hours period. Patient maintains good skin turgor and weight at usual level. Patient reports less diarrhea within 36 hours. Patient defecates formed, soft stoolevery day to every third day. Patient maintains a rectal area free of irritation. https://nurseslabs.com/diarrhea/#goals_and_outcomes You can basically make any long or short as long as it makes sense to your patient. Make sure it’s measurable and achievable

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