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Trauma, Emergency, ICU, Education
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Sam_Rabbit has 29 years experience and specializes in Trauma, Emergency, ICU, Education.

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    Creative Ideas Needed!

    meanmaryjean - This is terrific! Thank you so much for sharing!!
  2. Sam_Rabbit

    Creative Ideas Needed!

    Hello fellow educators, Does anyone have creative ideas for reinforcing what my junior nursing students are learning in classroom Pharmacology . . . in the Skills Lab? Our new students are struggling with Pharmacology as they take it their first semester, before they have any actual clinical experiences. I am looking to help them study, and find fun ways to make learning about medications and drug classes hands-on, in our Skills Lab. Not really thinking of doing simulations, but more like "boot camp" type activities, with an emphasis on interaction, movement, and tactile experiences. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, as I am new to the role of teaching in a university setting. Thank you!
  3. I am a new instructor at a small private college with a BSN program. A student who will be starting her first year in the nursing program only has an iPad, and cannot afford to purchase a laptop at this time. An iPad will not suffice for all of the online testing, and virtual simulations that we use; any suggestions about where she could find a good deal on a laptop computer? I am wondering about specific scholarships, or companies that I could have her contact. Thank you so much!