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  1. miqbal1109

    University of Virginia - Direct Entry CNL 2021

    Hey everyone, I was also accepted. I'm speechless! Congratulations to everyone. Can't wait to meet you all.
  2. miqbal1109

    University of Virginia - Direct Entry CNL 2021

    Hi everyone, I too received an email for an interview! Does anyone remember what the start date of the program would be? I know mid-may. So eager and excited for this opportunity!!
  3. miqbal1109

    UVA Direct Entry CNL Summer 2019

    Hi everyone, I just applied for this cycle. Regarding your interview - how was the process? What kinds of questions were asked? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi everyone, I saw in years past that there were threads for people who applied to specific programs so I figured I'd carry on the tradition. Is anyone else applying for the Direct entry CNL program at UVA? The application deadline is October 1st. I'm looking to submit mine by the end of this week. Talk soon!
  5. miqbal1109

    ADN vs ABSN vs DEMSN?

    I work in the arts now and have a Master's degree. I'm strongly considering a career change into nursing. My research into changing careers has shed light on several different pathways including an ADN, Accelerated BSN, or direct-entry MSN. I've considered going down the ADN route because of costs and I've read that employers will help with tuition reimbursement for the BSN/MSN down the road. Any career changers out there? Did you go down one of these paths? If so, why did you choose that path over the others?