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  1. Thank you NICU guy for taking time in your day to answer my questions. I appreciate it tremendously, especially since you guys are extremely busy. Is it possible that I can get a business card? It would also be great if you could email my teacher to confirm that I did this interview. Email: aspaelti@srcs.org Again thank you!
  2. Hi I'm Wichika. I'm a high school student researching neonatal nursing as a registered nurse for a career search project. I'm looking for a neonatal nurse (RN) to interview and was hoping to find one here. I'll have a series of questions down below that you guys can answer. I will also need proof that I interviewed you by you sending an email to my teacher and having you're business card if thats possible. Thank you for taking the time! 1. What is your favorite and least favorite part of being a neonatal nurse? 2. What inspired you in pursing this career? 3. What advice would you give to nursing students who are interested in specializing in neonatology? 4. What qualifications do you need? (both academically and personal traits) 5. What is a typical work day like? 6. How long have you been working as a neonatal nurse? 7. Were there any struggles and/or hardships that you went through when becoming a neonatal nurse? 8. What academic path did you take? (RN to NICU, CN to RN to NICU, etc.) 9. What mind set must you have in order to pursue this career? 10. How do you balance your work life and personal life?