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  1. ESRN35

    Probation Testing

    Thank you very much ! It doesn’t say anywhere how often ..so that’s why I wasn’t sure ?
  2. ESRN35

    Probation Testing

    What has your experience been with how often you were drug tested for the monitoring for probation ? I don’t drink or do drugs but I have kids and I’m trying to get an idea of how to make it all work I drop everything to go do that if I get selected a few times a week ? Is it monthly ? How do they decide
  3. ESRN35

    CA Probation early release

    How did you show burden of proof ?
  4. ESRN35


    My court fees and Classes and everything are all done with-I have the interlock til September so almost done with that too -I’m talking about probation through the board Bc of all the covid shelter in place restrictions in just trying to gage how I’ll be reprimanded at this point and how probation will work With terms 1-19 with urine testing meetings etc. I have been sober since it happened in August 2018 -although rarely drank even before that -it was my husbands birthday but anyways -I’m just trying to figure this all out bc I signed a stipulated settlement in February ..but haven’t received anything yet.
  5. ESRN35


    Anyone know how probation is working during this pandemic?? I submitted my stipulated settlement agreement to the board and am anxiously waiting for my "Decision and order" and thus probation to start for a dui..soo nervous about this as I have a full time job and 2 kids and literally never drink but of course I had a prior from 10 years ago so this is my second dui total and first while being a nurse..anywho. Any help is so greatly appreciated. I'm in Cali and not looking forward to the wrath of the board but I'll likely get full probation stipulations and terms..

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