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The medical field is a career of life long learning, if you know it all you better hang it up.

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Mr.Sta has 7 years experience as a BSN, MSN, NP.

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  1. Mr.Sta

    Anyone Using 'Doctor' Title at Work?

    I do not have a DNP but my patients always call me Dr.Sta. I do explain that I am not a doctor every time and the same patients will still call me whenever I see them. I would say this happens with 75% of my patients. Maybe I just need to get the ...
  2. Mr.Sta

    Walden FNP Review

    @Moh Vang Yeah see what you can find out, ultimately it needs to work for you. Do not let my review discourage you from accomplishing what you want, that is not why I wrote it. Just my thoughts on the school but if that's what works for you then do...
  3. Mr.Sta

    Walden FNP Review

    I have been reading different threads on here for years but have never had an account. I have seen a lot of talk about Walden, mostly pertaining to "don't go" which is not bad advice but does not answer any questions. I figured I would add in a basi...