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    RN new grad going into L&D

    Hello everyone! I am an RN student about to graduate in May. I was interviewed for a job for a perinatal floor over the phone yesterday. The manager of the floor told me that they aren't afraid to hire new grads out of college, but you can't be afraid to ask questions and you must be a fast learner. They generally do a 12 week orientation. I only had 3 weeks of clinical on L&D and it was 6 days in all. I loved L&D more than any other clinical I did, but I don't feel like I have as much knowledge on the subject as other floors such as med surge. Do yall recommend starting out in L&D? This is a small town, local hospital. In fact it as the one I was born at. On this floor, I will be taking care of antepartum, postpartum (couplet care), laboring patients, OR, etc. Does this sound doable for a new grad? Also, is it better to start out at night or days?? All advice appreciated!!

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