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  1. ccast21

    New Grad during COVID-19?

    I am scheduled to start in July, it is really stressing me out because I wish I could just start now and help out. I spoke with HR 2 weeks ago and they said my start date will not change, but that was also 2 weeks ago and things seem to change by the...
  2. ccast21

    New Grad to ICU

    I will be graduating in May and starting in the ICU in July at a level 1 trauma center. It was mandatory for me to complete my capstone in the ICU, I would not have even gotten an interview if I did not have that experience. I had to write in the hou...
  3. Hi! So I graduate in May, and am supposed to be starting a new grad residency program in July. I am really worried that my start date will be pushed back due to COVID-19. Anyone else in this situation know anything at all about what your hospit...