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foodieRN26 has 8 years experience and specializes in Phone Triage.

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  1. foodieRN26

    Which Job Should I Take?

    Hi all, I'm a primary care RN with several years of experience in telephone triage. I left my previous job several months ago, and was recently offered a per diem position doing vaccines. This position pays very well, but does not offer benefits and is far from home. It also doesn't offer much variety, which I do enjoy. I'm anticipating receiving another offer from a community health clinic that is 5 minutes from my home sometime this week. I expect the pay will be ~$10/hour less than the per diem position, but I believe this position will be fully benefited. It also will offer the variety I am looking for and could be a great learning experience. I've considered accepting both positions, as the former is per diem requiring at least 2 days per week, and the latter is 20 hours per week, but I would prefer to stay in the 20-30 hour per week range to prevent burnout if at all possible. What do you think I should do? I have already accepted the per diem position. If I had been offered them at the same time, I probably would have taken the community health position. However, I would feel bad backing out of the position I've accepted, and worry how this would look to the organization later on down the road if I'm looking for a new job at their institution. Thanks so much for your input!
  2. foodieRN26

    Virginia Mason Residencies 2019

    Hey all, Is anyone applying to the 2020 Virginia Mason Ambulatory Residency? I’ve spent 6 years doing phone triage, and want a change. I do not have my BSN, but have a Bachelor’s in Psych. Have they started phone interviews? Do they offer residency only once per year, or multiple times per year? Has anyone worked at their clinics? How are the benefits? Thanks in advance!