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Runsoncoffee99 has 17 years experience and specializes in Peds.

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  1. Runsoncoffee99

    Med surg or LTAC?

    Which one will I see a greater variety of patients without being overwhelmed? I already worked with vents,trachs,feeding tubes, and the occasional IV,all in home care for 15 plus years. I’m trying to expand my skill set. I was offered a NOC med surg position in a hospital down the street from me. I was also offered a NOC position in a LTAC unit located in a different hospital about 30 minutes from my house. The LTAC facility has vents,CVC, and telemetry. The med surg position is just regular med surg floor,no telemetry. I am worried because I am used to one on one nursing. I am worried I won’t know which IV meds can be given at the same time or piggyback. I am also worried about reading telemetry monitors and figuring out when the patient is having an arrhythmia. I am fine with vents and trachs,and I don’t want to lose those skills. I don’t know how I will function under pressure in new environments, because besides a 4 yr stint in LTC in the early 2000s,we did not have IVs or electronic charting.
  2. Runsoncoffee99

    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    I think hospitals are magical because you can learn everything there.
  3. Runsoncoffee99

    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    Do you find that patients assume you are inexperienced or unskilled as opposed to nurses that have worked in a hospital? Do you feel "less than" a nurse that has worked in a hospital, or do you feel you missed out on something pertinent?
  4. Runsoncoffee99

    Which patients are you most scared to take care of?

    Central lines for me. I have no problems with trach and ventilator patients, but ask me to administer tpn? I am one of the few nurses that love working with colostomies and ileostomies. Its just so easy for me
  5. Just what the title says. I was working on a chart from my part time job on the night shift at another job. I accidentally left in in the home. What can I do besides the obvious? I feel so stupid. The job has lots of downtime so I thought why not work on it now? What would happen if I get reported?
  6. Runsoncoffee99

    Is it normal for HH nurses to not wash hands with soap and water?

    That is interesting,and I do know hand sanitizer is more effective than hand washing. My home care agency with private duty requires us to wash our hands over using hand sanitizer. I wonder what HH visiting nurses were doing at the start of the pandemic when hand sanitizer was hard to find?
  7. Runsoncoffee99

    Is it normal for HH nurses to not wash hands with soap and water?

    We deal with that stuff in private duty,yet somehow we still wash our hands. Does your HHA wash his or hands in the sink?
  8. I am a nurse new to home health visits (but not HH, as I worked private duty/shift work in the home) ALL of the HH nurses I observed while precepting did not wash their hands with soap and water. They just used hand sanitizer. In facilities and in PDN we are taught to wash our hands at start of care and after using hand sanitizer three times. But HH nurses use sanitizer all of the time. When I work in the home as a Pdn, I ALWAYS washed my hands and use hand sanitizer if needed. What prevents HH nurses from washing their hands? We could carry soap and paper towels. Most people in my area have running water. I am genuinely curious if other HH nurses wash their hands in the patient's home using soap and water?
  9. Runsoncoffee99

    Medication Error in School

    Your supervisor is an idiot. Why would she report you for something that is not even in the policy? It only mentions containers,not actually identifying the pill. I hate overzealous supervisors.
  10. Private duty and home health. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. When you need to ask an important question,expect to wait 2 days at most for a manager to answer. Most times,their answers do not even make sense. Like the manager that told me to give tylenol that was not ordered and document that the parents gave it instead.
  11. Runsoncoffee99

    Home Health Nursing and Covid - better or worse?

    Worse. Residents in nursing homes get tested,and of course, by now most have received the vaccine. Even before vaccination,residents and staff were tested every week. I cannot say the same for my home care clients. No testing protocol exists for clients nor employees. I think extended care shifts are worse than skilled visits. At least with skilled visits,my agency tells the clients they have to wear masks while we are there. No such things exists in the two agencies I've worked with.
  12. Runsoncoffee99

    The Degrading "Meet and Greet"

    This agency I was going to work for did their meet and greets backwards. They had me do a meet and greet on a potential patient,then if I was OK with the case,the nurse manager would come open it. So I had no idea what I was walking into their home about. Only was told their age and diagnosis.No 485. or face sheet. At times the only thing I had a an address and a name. I declined to work for that agency due to other things.
  13. Runsoncoffee99

    Sleeping Nurse = No Agency?

    Reading this,and my other thread about Covid,reminds me of this agency I interviewed with. The supervisor told us if you are working a 16 hour shift,to ask the parents of you can take an hour break and go sleep somewhere. She said most parents do not mind.
  14. This is an interesting topic. My family that still lives in the inner city think I am rolling in dough and "rich". While I understand their line of thinking, I resent having some them taking advantage of me. I know I am middle class(probably even lower middle class). I have not been able to save because they guilt me,but I am learning to say "No" after getting burned so many times.
  15. Runsoncoffee99

    Is this reasonable?

    At present,I drink my coffee before I go into his home Pre-Covid I would snack at the bedside. So if you wanted to eat or drink something,you did it at the bedside. If the patient needed suctioning while I was eating,I had to stop eating,suction the patient,go wash my hands,and finish eating.
  16. Runsoncoffee99

    Is this reasonable?

    His bedroom is very tiny,so you would need to sit in the kitchen,hence me asking the question.You can still see him from the kitchen,but his nurses sit in the room with him. I had no choice but to ask her. She actually did not even go in the house. She was covering for another nurse manager on vacation. She just dropped off supplies at the door and that was it. Maybe I should not have asked. In private duty,from my understanding of working as a PDN for 10+ years,is that these kids need 24 hour supervision and eyes on them at all times. That is the reason we do not get lunch breaks. I did read on Allnurses that some PDN's do take lunch breaks. Hmmmm.