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AndTheyCallTheWindRN has 6 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. AndTheyCallTheWindRN

    1st Day Almost Here!

    Hi everyone! It happened! I landed my first PHN Job. Epidemiology dept. With my 1st day approaching I’m getting nervous... I’m not used to an office environment as I’ve worked in hospitals until now. Also no PHN experience.. I hope they train well! I’m motivated and excited but newness is scary. Even down to what I wear haha I’m used to having myself pretty much covered from head to toe in scrub/ PPE garb. Any tips would be great... also just excited and wanting to share with you all! And of course, It’s such a crazy time to be entering public health. How is the morale these days?
  2. AndTheyCallTheWindRN

    Please! I want this job

    Thank you very much for this information! This is the interview it seemed like I was going into the dark the most from my experience. Interesting about the point system!
  3. AndTheyCallTheWindRN

    Public Health as a New Grad?

    Golden_RN_MSN, I tried to message you privately but it won't allow me for some reason. If I could I'd like to ask you some questions. I have an interview with my county for a PHN position. I would love to get some insight into what I can brush up on and what type of interview questions I could prepare for. I do have 2 years of inpatient med-surg experience but the rest of my experience is in an ambulatory surgery center. I hope you see this message, as I would simply love to get into the public health field. TIA
  4. AndTheyCallTheWindRN

    Please! I want this job

    Hello everyone, I have been applying and applying to be a PHN for my county and finally landed an interview. Is there anything I can brush up on? What likely questions could be asked. This is for the epidemiology/immunizations department. Thank you so so much.