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  1. hotcheetos

    APU ELM MSN Summer 2021

    Hi, I received an interview invite around mid June and my interview was scheduled for next week. But, I got accepted to a different school so I decided to decline the interview. Hopefully you guys get your invites soon! Goodluck!
  2. hotcheetos

    University of San Francisco ME-MSN Fall 2020

    I think so...I’ve been checking my e-mail every 10 mins haha
  3. hotcheetos

    APU ELM MSN Summer 2021

    Thank you so much!! Any tips for the interview? CONGRATS on your acceptance btw!
  4. hotcheetos

    University Of San Francisco ME-MSN Fall 2020

    Hey @RT1RN_ ! I was reading through previous threads and saw that you got accepted! Do you remember when they sent out acceptances? Was it at the 10 week mark or earlier?
  5. hotcheetos

    APU ELM MSN Summer 2021

    Hello, This is a forum for those who applied to APU ELM Summer 2021 program! I applied to the main campus.

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