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6 month post grad NICU
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Nclarke has 1 years experience and specializes in 6 month post grad NICU.

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  1. Hi try Avant

    1. Nclarke


      Thanks, I have been in contact with them. However they wont help me unless I have been qualified for longer than a year.

  2. Nclarke

    Graduate UK nurse making move to USA

    How have you got on with your process? I'd love to talk to you personally as my husband is being relocated with work to texas and it now all depends on me gaining registration out there. Thanks Natasha clarke
  3. Hi helena, I am desperate to get my license in USA. I have contacted agencies and they have advice me about the hours we need in the different areas. How did you get on with your credentials report? How did you get the relevant hours etc as a adult nurse. Our life depends on me gaining this as my husband has been given an awesome opportunity to be relocated with his company to texas. I would love to chat to you personally if you can send me your email. Thanks, Natasha clarke

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