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  1. justanothersunshinenurse

    Leaving bedside for health concerns

    jobs in nursing whether they are on the floor or in critical care are tough on the mind and the body. the beauty is that once you get your skills and experience you can take nursing in all kinds of different directions. Perhaps your body is telling you to take better care of it. If that means walking away from bedside to teaching or managing or something else, so be it. Dont beat yourself up over some "5 year plan you made in ur mind" and do what makes you happy.
  2. justanothersunshinenurse

    book question for those in nursing school right now

    what are the books that are being used right now in the medical surgical and pharmacology classes ? names authors and ISBN would be very helpful. thanks
  3. justanothersunshinenurse

    average pay for correctional RN in FL

    I am an RN, have a BSN and experienced. I am applying for jobs and considering correctional nursing . Wondering first what the average pay is in FL and second what other nurses' experiences have been like in this field . Thank u

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