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AnnaFender specializes in ER Trauma.

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  1. AnnaFender

    Rehab? Asking for a future nurse

    I couldnt agree more but I have read lots of testimony from nurses who continue to be penalized by the BON and/or post in their newsletters who is in the CANDO program. That is wrong in my opinion. Or publish who has had infractions placed on their license. The only people who need to know this are employers who can check status online. Its public humiliation and its damaging to the profession as a whole. Like I've said before...it encourages lack of disclosure.
  2. AnnaFender

    Free Standing ER Patient Abandonment

    So what if a patient were to arrive after you left and before the relief nurse clocked in? What definition would you give that ?
  3. AnnaFender

    Just Say “NO” to Nurse Staffing Laws

    There needs to be a nationwide nursing union in my opinion
  4. AnnaFender

    Discussion at nurse's station

    Well we both know if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldnt tell your friend whose family member you were talkin about? Bottom line you probably should have waited to speak in private if it got off topic and included negative opinions about the patient. If I were you I would take this as lesson learned.
  5. I agree. What I dont agree with is the ridiculously strict requirements and restrictions the board places on nurses who are attempting to save their livelihood. Who the hell do they think they are protecting? I was just reading how they can reprimand you if they see something that offends them on social media. Based on whose moral code? That is extremely subjective and leaves lots of room for bias based on someone elses perception. My husband is a biker....I'm sure they would take offense to that. We need a nationwide union in my opinion, to protect our rights. Thanks for your input and keep your head up and dont let them steal your shine!
  6. I'm asking for honest and effective suggestions by nurses who have failed a drug test or have been charged with a felony conviction related or not, to their nursing practice, about how the BON's handle these issues or what you wish was in place to either prevent problems before occurring or feel like you were supported in some way so being accountable instead of stigmatized by the board or your nurse peers was encouraged. Any suggestions appreciated.! Thanks!

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