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    Hair follicle

    I have a very serious issue I’m currently dealing with and I’m absolutely terrified of the outcome. My job called me saying I needed to go take a drug test. So I went and they popped a hair follicle test on me. I recently smoked (incredibly stupid yes I know, lesson learned, will never happen again). I’m just wondering what is going to happen.. will I be fired? What should I say to my employer? Do I need to hire a lawyer? Reported to the BON? Will I have to go through with the rehabilitation program for marijuana? How aggressive is said program? Will I be on restrictions with narcotics? I just need an answer. I am filled with anxiety about this and it feels like the world is crashing down around me. I’m looking into other careers because I feel like this is literally the end. I’m scared for my license. And my livelihood. Any advice, past experiences and all of that is greatly appreciated. I don’t need criticism. I’m beating myself up enough as it is. Thanks so much .

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