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  1. HiddenShadow20

    Not sure if I should get an NP or a MHA

    Thank you both for your responses. As an undergrad, I was very good at my biology and Chemistry classes. In particular, I loved organic Chemistry and found it was very easy for me. With that said, I’d like to use that knowledge and skill set in my career because I’m good at it. I thought becoming an NP would satisfy that, but I am thinking less and less that would be the case. Is organic chem something that I’d see as an NP or RN? I am thinking that I’d get burned out from dealing with patients so I’m thinking more and more about the MHA. I appreciate the responses so far.
  2. HiddenShadow20

    Not sure if I should get an NP or a MHA

    Hello all, I graduated with a BS in Neuroscience in 2016 and have been working in the biotech industry. My career is a bit boring and low-paying so I am considering working to get an accelerated BSN and become an NP after a graduate program or getting my Master's In Healthcare Administration (MHA). I have already applied to one accelerated BSN program. My question is, would it be advantageous to get my BSN if I want to get my MHA later on? Would having my BSN increase my earning potential if I became involved in healthcare administration? I appreciate anyone sharing any information. I am thinking about becoming a Nurse Practitioner or a Healthcare administrator and am trying to decide. Thank you,
  3. HiddenShadow20

    Looking into psychiatric nursing

    Hey everyone, I am thinking of applying to an accelerated BSN program. My goal is to eventually be a psychiatric NP, but before I think I'd like to work in psychiatry as an RN. My dream is to work here on the East Coast, in an outpatient, clinic setting. I'd like to work with patients over a long period of time, providing psychotherapy and med management as a NP. Is this a realistic goal? What is nursing like in the psychiatric field? Also, I am choosing psychiatric nursing in part because it seems to be a little more sedentary. As I have some back problems due to an injury, I'd like to pursue a career in nursing that allows for a good amount of time sitting on my *** rather than being on my feet all day. Any advice, knowledge, etc. would be appreciated. Also, I don't know how psychiatric NPs differ in their opportunity to practice based on state. Would it be possible to open my own practice as an NP? Or would I need the supervision of a doctor? I would like to practice in the DC area, so the areas I would be interested in practicing in would be DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Thanks!
  4. HiddenShadow20

    What is a Psychiatric NP like?

    Hey everyone, I am looking to getting into nursing. Primarily, I am interested in psychiatric nursing with the intention of becoming an NP in the field. Can anyone tell me more about what this is like? What is the daily life like. I am interested in working in a clinic, in an outpatient setting. I'd like to be able to see patients and manage their meds while administering psychotherapy over a long period of time. Is this possible? I know next to nothing about nursing so any information is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi there, This past year I was first admitted to a psychiatric hospital for some psychotic features due to my bipolar II disorder. I agreed to a voluntary temporary detention order (TDO). I am now on the right medication and don't expect any additional issues ever. Also, I entered a rehab facility where I stayed for a month due to some alcohol issues I was having. With all this being said, can I still expect to become a nurse? What kind of barriers will I face? Do I really need to disclose any of this to any nursing boards to receive licensure? I live in a mid-atlantic, east coast state and hope to be license through this state or a bordering one. Thanks!
  6. HiddenShadow20

    Rehab? Asking for a future nurse

    Thanks for everyone's responses. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and definitely had some psychotic features at one time and was admitted to a hospital where I agreed to a voluntary temporary detention order. With this new information, should I expect to receive additional monitoring? Do I need to disclose this as well?? Thanks!
  7. HiddenShadow20

    Rehab? Asking for a future nurse

    Ok, but I was never Formally diagnosed with alcoholism despite getting treated for it. Is this something that could haunt me later on?
  8. HiddenShadow20

    Rehab? Asking for a future nurse

    Hi everyone, I am a male who is looking to get into nursing. My question concerns the fact that I went to rehab for alcohol addiction. Is this something that I have to disclose when I take the NCLEX? Is this something I have to disclose to a nursing board so that I can become licensed? Please let me know!!! My main concern is that it could impede me from becoming a nurse.