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SchoolNurseK is a BSN, RN and specializes in Home Health, School Nurse Newbie.

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  1. SchoolNurseK

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    Ack!!! Yes!!! If a parent wants to talk to me, I usually tell them to hang up and I will call the parent on my phone!
  2. SchoolNurseK

    EpiPen Storage

    Unfortunately, our district does not allow us to have stock EpiPens, so parents must provide them for their children. That being said, I work in a high school so most kids self carry, but I do have a few that keep them with me. I going to look into the epi lockers. Thank you!
  3. SchoolNurseK

    EpiPen Storage

    Our EpiPens are currently in an unlocked drawer in the clinic. I am not crazy about this location because while it is labeled, I don't think anyone other than me could find them in an emergency. I would like a more visible option, but I am not sure what that would be. An over the door shoe holder sounds good in theory, but again, someone would need to know to look behind the door and to pull them all out for evac sounds too time consuming. I've also looked into Safety Sacks, which I've seen hung from a curtain rod or towel bar. I like this idea, but the Safety Sacks are pretty pricey. Anyone have an organizational system they absolutely love?
  4. SchoolNurseK

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    Ooooo that is a good answer! I am totally going to do this now!
  5. SchoolNurseK

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    I do this as a last resort. We've been having issues with students texting their parents that they are sick and then they don't even run through the clinic.
  6. SchoolNurseK

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    I do understand that some parents are coming from very far away or sometimes there are circumstances that necessitate me keeping the child in the clinic longer, but I feel like this family was just not making it a priority. I know the parent was coming from 15 minutes away...I think that is what irritates me the most.
  7. SchoolNurseK

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    One hour and 15 minutes. Gah!!! And when I provided the parent our policy, he told me he is doing the best he can but he is a working parent. I reminded him that I too am a working parent.
  8. SchoolNurseK

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    How long do you give parents to pick-up their sick kiddo? I am going on one hour with a student with terrible diarrhea. I've called Mom and Dad. Mom said she would be an hour and a half. No. Dad told me 40 minutes. No.
  9. SchoolNurseK

    OTC meds for Staff

    We do not stock for staff, nor does our school district allow it. I have had a few staff members very put out about this policy, but I just shrug my shoulders and smile.
  10. SchoolNurseK

    Uniform Closet

    One of my duties is to maintain the uniform closet here in the clinic. We get a lot of donated uniforms and it can get to be overwhelming just storing all of them! I just had our volunteer coordinator ask about possibly doing a uniform sale with the excess. Has anyone else done this? Also, does anyone have tips for keeping the uniforms organized??? I have a big cabinet right now, but try as I may, it is very difficult to keep the sizes labeled and separated for easy access when a student comes in. I seemed to have missed the "uniform closet organization" class in nursing school.
  11. SchoolNurseK

    Doctor's Orders

    Anyone else spending significant amounts of time trying to get doctors to clarify their orders? I can't understand why they wouldn't include the most basic components of a medication order such as FREQUENCY, DOSE, ROUTE. Basic stuff! Ugh...just complaining...
  12. SchoolNurseK

    Monday Morning Cheer

    Cheers to this thinking outside of the box School Nurse! Love her heart for her students! https://relentlessschoolnurse.com/2020/02/10/the-relentless-school-nurse-finding-generosity-and-inspiration-through-water-bottles/
  13. SchoolNurseK

    Student Overdoses

    I am so sorry. <hugs> Make sure to get some sunshine on your face this weekend (hopefully the weather will cooperate with that) and give yourself some time. That situation is a lot to process. It sounds like you did exactly the right thing though and that you've created a clinic environment where students feel safe to share tough stuff with you. You're exactly where you are supposed to be.
  14. SchoolNurseK

    Providing Care to Staff

    #truth No good deed goes unpunished, apparently.
  15. SchoolNurseK

    Providing Care to Staff

    Thank you, I really don't feel like I did anything wrong. The resolution of the situation is that if I want to "voluntarily" stand-by while she self-injects, then the liability is on me. I have since told the involved parties that I will no longer be doing this, because clearly this is too much of a mine field. Also, there is no liability to me because I don't even do the injection. Ugh...
  16. SchoolNurseK

    Providing Care to Staff

    This is my first year as a School Nurse. I am at a high school, so it can be pretty slow in the clinic. I have on several occasions, had a teacher or staff member stop by for a temp check, BP check, etc... I have never thought twice about this, as it never interferes with my care of the students. Recently, a teacher asked me to be a standby support as they learned to inject a new medication. I made it clear that I will not inject, however if available, I would be in the clinic with her. Well, that has come back to bite me in the bum big time now. I was out with THE FLU last week and unable to provide this support, so apparently the teacher demanded that my unlicensed back-up do it for her. This person of course refused and the situation escalated all the way to the principal. What a disaster!!! My attempts to do a simple Teach and Train out the kindness of my heart, created a terribly dependency. Not only that, I fear it looks like I wasn't doing my job. So my question is, do you all see teachers when they come in? If no, how do I change my methods mid-year like this? Help!!! I just want to set up camp under my desk at this point.

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