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nurseinthemaking24 has 2 years experience and specializes in Communication, critical thinking, organizign.

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  1. nurseinthemaking24

    Becoming a Critical Care Nurse

    I’ve wanted to be a Critical Care Nurse for as long as I have wanted to be a nurse. I’m a senior in nursing school now, and currently in my critical care specialty. I am BEYOND devastated with my school’s clinical placement. I ended up being placed at a hospital where we are placed on a med surg floor with incredibly stable patients. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they’re okay! But I feel like I’m missing out on the experience that the other 75+ students get that have a different clinical assignment. I’ve already taken a huge interest to this course. Spending a lot of time developing a deep understanding of cardiac and ACLS. I applied for a nurse externship in the ICU and am hoping to get it so I can somewhat know what I am doing! If not, I'm thinking about doing a PCT in the ICU. Is that a good idea? With that being said, I’m looking for some advice. Becoming a CCRN: When do I take the CCRN exam? After NCLEX? I don't graduate until December but I really want to go ahead and maybe take my ACLS certification over the Summer? Good idea or bad idea? I'm honestly just a nursing student who wants some direction and advice from other critical care nurses! I just want to make sure I understand the steps to make this my specialty :) Thank you in advance!! Much love.
  2. nurseinthemaking24

    ATI pharmacology proctored CMS

    SOS yall! anyone have good advice on how to get a level 2 on the pharm CMS?! I have been studying under the learning systems tab. I have read the book. I study by drug class. but the predictor quiz was NOTHING like anything I had taken! any advice? any one have good study guides?!
  3. nurseinthemaking24


    hey y'all! im from atl campus and I am the last cohort to take med surg 1 and pharm together. the majority of us passed with flying colors. now we are all struggling to survive. no joke. we are so unprepared for this CMS pharm test on ATI, we are screwed. we took a quiz today and we all walked out laughing because we all wanted to cry. does anyone have a good study method or technique? I have been studying the ATI book. I know my drugs. I study by category. I just can't fail anymore. My self esteem is at rock bottom, I study for more than 5 days for exams to barely get a 70 or 72 (so far in med surg II). our class average is ranging around my grades as well but its so discouraging. any words of inspiration would be so appreciated!

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