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  1. Beatrice Knight

    Unfounded abuse of a child

    Thank you because I was freaking out. I have come so far
  2. Beatrice Knight

    Unfounded abuse of a child

    In September My husband was investigated for abuse of our younger because he was roughhousing with her. And she got hurt so when she went to school the next she complained that her arm was hurting her to the nurse. I know it is the nurses' job to report suspected abuse. Although, when they came to my home I asked them if this would go on my record also, they said no because it was husband they were investigated. So imagine to my surprise when I get a letter saying that the abuse was unfound. I asked them if this would affect me they told no, the reason I ask them is that I'm a nursing student. And I'm supposed to applying for clinical in the fall. How will an unfounded abuse allegation affect me getting into clinical? It was my husband they were investigating not me. Please help

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